Beard Activation.

Rejuvenile™ Beard Activator Kit

Rejuvenile™ Beard Activator Kit

Stimulate. Rejuvenate. Unleash your potential. Rejuvenile™ Beard Activator The 2 Step formula to help you realise your beard growth...
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The Beard Roller.

Perfectly Balanced. 540 titanium needles, each one, 0.5mm long for optimum follicle stimulation and safety.

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Laurent Bell

38, FRA

I have been using the Roller for many weeks and will add the oil into my routine now.

Nick McCallister

23, GBR

Way better quality than expected! I just wish a bottle contained more than one month's supply.

Jasper Fox

44, GBR

Fantastic!! It's early days yet, but 3 weeks in and I think I am seeing improvements on patchiness.